Interview Preparation


Try Your Hand At Interviewing
Your first question
What are your strengths?

What are your strengths?

Make a list of your strengths. Which are you most proud of? Which have been recognized by an employer?

Ask a friend or co-worker what they think are your greatest strengths. Are those on your list already?

Select one or two strengths that fit the job and the employer best.

Make a list of examples of when you demonstrated your best strengths.

Your answer
Target the employer.

Did you talk about a strength that is relevant to the job and a strength the company/employer needs and/or wants?

Provide an example.

Did you give an example of when you used your greatest strength in a professional/educational setting?

Don’t be shy about your strengths.

Look back at your answer. Do you think you highlighted your strengths enough, or were you timid in talking about yourself?

Avoid bragging.

Did you avoid saying you were great at everything and instead focus on one or two strengths specific to the job?